Raving Fans
Testimonials about Highgarden Real Estate Myrtle Beach

Our Mission:

To create an atmosphere and experience which turns our team, clients and associates into “Raving Fans”.

"I have a brother with a wife that sells real estate as a side job. His wife reached out to me in the past when I was not yet in the market to buy a home. When the time came, I simply went online to do some searching and our Highgarden Realtor was one of the Realtors that reached out to me. I sensed his commitment and understanding of the market and upon one of my trips to out to look for homes, he was the only Realtor that called me during that few days off to ensure that I would have homes to review. Someone who stands by their promises is someone that I'd like to deal with. I've found our Highgarden agent to be very knowledgeable and helpful in making decisions. I'd highly recommend him and Highgarden to anyone seeking to purchase a home."

-Sandra B.

"Our Highgarden agent rates a 10. He helped me in every way possible and made the buying process as painless as possible."

-Susan B.

"I highly recommend Highgarden Real Estate. My Highgarden Realtor is like an old friend and gives you her complete attention when she is working with you. She worked with my daughter and son-in-law finding their wonderful new home, she spent a lot of time with me over two visits and many phone calls and I am thrilled about my new home. My son-in-law's parents will be visiting shortly and she will be working with them also."

-Irma K.

"Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect home. I really appreciate how patient you were with me throughout the process. If I come across any friends that need a realtor I will surely send them your way."

-Josh C.

"I would absolutely recommend your services. Our Highgarden agent was extremely accommodating during our search for a new home and a strong advocate when negotiating with the builder."

-Lonnie H.

"10 for sure! We have loved our Highgarden Realtor through this entire process. We will absolutely recommend her to everyone we know that is looking for a home. She is the best agent we have ever worked with."

-Craig L.

"We love working with our Highgarden Realtor, he has been invaluable in terms of service and knowledge! He is so on the ball with everything and super personable, which is a really nice bonus. I love that he wasn't pushy and really helped us seek out the right home to fit our needs. We were all over the board with our preferences and ask a LOT of questions so his patience with us was very much appreciated."

-Pamela B.

"I rate Highgarden and our experience with our Realtor, and everyone else, no less than '12'. Having bought and sold several homes over the years, this has been by far the best experience."

-Shawn A.

"Our Highgarden Realtor was amazing throughout the entire home buying process. During the search for a new home, she was very helpful identifying potential properties, and forwarding MLS listings to us as the properties became available. She was willing to work around our availability to schedule showings, during the week and on weekends. She was insightful at the showings, and gave honest feedback on the positives and negatives of each property. Her determination to find us a home that fit our needs ultimately led us to the perfect home. Even after finding our new home, she assisted throughout the purchase process, ensuring we avoided potential problems and were informed of our obligations. I would absolutely recommend Highgarden Real Estate to anyone looking for their next property purchase."

-Todd T.

"On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give Highgarden a 10. I would surely recommend Highgarden to any of my friends and family. It is always a pleasure meeting wonderful people like our Realtor team. So far they have met all of our real estate needs and I am sure they will continue to do so. My experience has been great. I appreciate the high standards of Highgarden and I am completely satisfied with the level of service, and dedication from our Realtors."

-Steve H.

"I wish I had the words to tell you what a wonderful experience we have had with our Highgarden Realtor. He is attentive, punctual, and just plain wonderful. I had to rate High Garden on a scale, it would be off the charts! Thank you!!"

-Tyler S.

"10 for sure. Our Realtor is a definitely top notch and really works 24 hours a day for his clients and really knows and cares what they are looking for. He also remembers family member names and pays attention to all details no matter big or small. I recommend him to all my friends"

-Adrian L.

"10! Our home is a new build with very few lots being released each month. Our Highgarden Realtor established a relationship with the builder agent and was able to get information about the lots and releases prior to the release dates which allowed us get the lot we wanted. The lot we wanted was released on Saturday at 10 am and all of their lots were gone before noon. Our Realtor’s help allowed us to meet with the builder agent at 9:30 (before they even open) and give our earnest money check for the lot we were interested in. Without her help I’m not sure we would have gotten the home site."

-Christian S.

"An 11 if possible! There is no doubt that we have had excellent customer service and will be letting everybody know where we got that from. We want to thank our Highgarden Realtor and everyone that assisted her on the help we had. We are from Saskatchewan Canada. This whole deal was started and put together from our home and business, with the finishing touches while we were travelling on motorcycle through South Dakota. Not sure how we can express our feeling through an email."

-Donna D.

"As a first time home buyer, our Highgarden Realtor has made this as easy and painless as possible. She has done a great job of explaining the home buying process to me, and what to expect in the future. I truly appreciate her, and all that she has done to help me find that perfect home. On a scale of 1-10, I would giver her an 11, and recommend her to all of my family and friends if they ever want to buy a home!"

-Melissa S.